Short-Tailed Weasels

Welcome SHORT-TAILED WEASELS to your Second season as a part of Boys Explorers Club! Congratulations on finishing your first season together. Throughout the course of the Spring season we will have many explorations together. We will continue to become a stronger group and deepen our skills and connection to the natural world. This is a long-term program with a subtle spiral curriculum that builds upon itself for years. We're excited for you to continue your journey in Explorers Club as Short Tailed Weasels. Before we look forward let’s take a moment to look back. Take a moment to take a look at the Short Tailed Weasels and Blog Posts.

Our first outing will be at Lake Padden Park. This location offers a variety of Ecosystems to explore. Deep sandstone ravines, large second growth Doug Fir and cedars, lush streams, and an aquatic ecosystem along the shore of the lake. Lake Padden's variety of ecosystems will offer us the opportunity to learn some of the key species of the Pacific Northwest ecosystem.

Our second outing will be a traverse of Sehome Arboretum. This outing is a favorite in Explorers Club and an excellent introduction to Traverses. The arboretum is home to dynamic terrain that offers excellent exploration and learning opportunities. Caves, Tunnels, cliffs, huge sword ferns, and a variety of species will be the perfect inspiration for our third outing. 

For our third outing of the season, we'll join with the larger EC community by continuing service at our adopted site at Connelly Creek. This is a great opportunity to connect to the land and to our community by putting our energy into restoring balance to the plant-life in the area and creating suitable salmon habitat. Please, take a moment to track the history and view photos of this amazing site.

Our final outing of the season will be at North Lake Whatcom Trailhead. Walking along the railroad grade on the north shore we'll pass by towering Douglas Fir as we explore the many creek drainages that run up the flanks Stewart Mountain. Weather permitting, we'll swim in Lake Whatcom and make rafts out of the driftwood that collects on its shore.

The Short Tailed Weasels skill for this season is the Art of Harvest. This Spring our Explorers will continue our newly developed Boys EC Skills Progression. This progression will lead the Explorers on a Earth Skills Journey that will lay a firm foundation of craftsmanship, wilderness living, and deep naturalist connection. To read more about our new Boys EC Skills Progression please click here. Being Prepared is also a vital skill. Click here for a link to the EC Equipment List.

Short-Tailed Weasels Spring 2016 Schedule

Lead Mentors:  Conor & New Hire 

Saturday, March 5th, 10:00-3:00pm
Exploration: Lake Padden (Dog Park Entrance)

Padden is a local gem with all kinds of mysteries hidden in its sandstone folds: giant cedars in a secret sanctuary, trillium, oyster mushrooms, raptors, crayfish, and much more. It's a great spot to play some epic games and enjoy the waning of Summer.

Driving Directions: Drive south on S. Samish Way for 2.4 miles. Turn right onto Lakeshore Dr (golf course entrance). Continue to the end of the road. We will meet at the south end of the lake near the dog park. Click here for the Google Map Destination.

Sunday, April 17th, 10:00-3:00pm 
Traverse: Sehome Arboretum (Lower Parking Lot)

Look forward to both on and off-trail hiking! We will explore the lesser-known areas of this hill; relying primarily on our newly developed navigation skills to scramble over rocks, slide down dirt hills and find our way through the many enchanted gullies to the top. It is easy to find your way down the Arboretum, but what about finding our way up to the lookout tower? We will use the skills of navigation that we have learned to continue exploring this amazing park in the center of our city.

Drop-off Directions: Drive up Bill McDonald Pkwy Towards WWU. Turn right to 25th Street. Take a slight right toward the Arboretum and find parking immediately on the right. Click here for the Google Map Destination.

Pick-up Directions: Drive up Bill McDonald Pkwy Towards WWU. Turn right to 25th Street. Take a slight right toward the Arboretum and drive all of the way to the end of the road. Click here for the Google Map Destination.

Saturday, April 30th, 10:00-2:00pm
Service: Boys E.C. Connelly Creek Restoration Site, Happy Valley Park

Our Official Explorers Club Restoration Site has changed dramatically in the last two and a half years. Blackberries that were once well over head-high have been chopped down to nothing, and many of their persistent roots have been dug out; hundreds of pounds of trash has been removed (including large car parts and a jungle gym); a 6-foot cedar fence was “discovered” and liberated from the blackberries; the Reed Canary Grass has been covered with bark mulch, native species are beginning to be planted on the banks of the creek, and the Alder are growing markedly faster than our Explorers. The most exciting news is that, for the first time in about 80 years, the salmon have returned. Now those returning salmon are really going to need our help if they are going to lay eggs. We'll focus on providing just the right environment for a vibrant and happy northwest stream. With the help of Bellingham City Parks and Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, we are making a real positive impact on our land.

New this Season!
Drop-off and Pick-up will now be at the Bellingham Park & Ride (WSDOT) Westside as per the request for the residents on Wilson Street. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Driving Directions: From I-5 drive west on Old Fairhaven Parkway for 0.1 of a mile. Turn right onto 30th Street and drive for 0.3 of a mile. Turn right on Donovan Ave. and drive for .1 of a mile. Turn right onto 32nd Ave. and drive for .2 of a mile. Turn left into Bellingham Park & Ride (WSDOT) Westside. Click here for the Google Map Destination.

Sunday, May 22nd: 10:00am-3:00pm
Exploration: North Lake Whatcom Trailhead

Situated between the base of Stewart Mountain and the shore of Lake Whatcom, this trail winds through wetlands, waterfalls, and large Douglas Fir. Offering abundant swimming holes and creek drainages to follow up into Mt. Steward's watershed. This land is a living example of how, with some careful preservation and stewardship, an ecosystem can recover from being logged a century ago.

Driving Directions: Take exit 255 for WA-542 E/Sunset Dr. toward Mt Baker. Take the 1st right onto Barkley Blvd for 2.5 miles. Turn right on Britton Rd for 0.2 of a mile. Then turn left onto Northshore Dr. for 6.4 miles. Please note that the road name changes to Northshore Rd. Turn left to stay on Northshore Rd. for 0.6 of a mile eventually arriving at the destination, North Lake Whatcom Trailhead. Click here for the Google Map Destination.