Explorers Mentor Apprentice (EMA) Program

An Explorers Mentoring Apprentice (EMA) is someone who has decided to take a more overt role of mentor in their community. Participants in our Four Shields program and elder boys in Explorers Club are given the option (and highly encouraged) to join us for outings with younger Explorers Club groups as EMA's. EMA's are introduced to mentoring techniques such as leading from behind, risk assessment, skill sharing, game facilitation, group leadership, and micro and macro guiding.

It's often said that you need to teach something in order to really know it. Many of the experiences and skills EMA's have gleaned will have a chance to 
more deeply develop as they help guide the younger boys through their journey. EMA's receive a fantastic opportunity to deepen their own skills, to deepen their connections, and to keep their spirit young and vigorous. EMA's of the past have often reflected that this is a great way to help others out, and a fantastic excuse to play all the games we are "too mature to play now." 

How to Sign Up as an EMA for Explorers Club Outings:

1) Refer to the Explorers Club 2018-19 Schedule. Look through it and see what dates work for you. 

  • As long-term mentoring community we highly encourage you to sign up with the same group for the entire season. 

2) Once you've decided what dates you'd like to EMA, email the Boys Program Coordinator at boysprogram@wildwhatcom.org to reserve your spot. 

  • Please note there are only two EMA sign ups for each outing.
Preparing for an Outing:
  • Check out the Mentor Resources on this website.
  • We will send you an email early in the week before your outing. Feel free to contact us with any question or ideas. 
  • Come well-rested and ready to act as a guide and role model.
  • Remember that you teach who you are, so let go of any expectations that might creep up. Remember that this is simple and fun, and that leadership does not have to be stressful... it can be quite joyful.
  • All EMA's are expected to come 1/2 hour before and to stay 1/2 hour after the posted time for an outing. During these first 1/2 hour session, the Mentors will prepare and discuss the coming day, address questions, review the lesson plan, and assess any potential problems or hazards. During the last 1/2 hour, mentors debrief the outings, discuss the powers and challenges of the day, and formulate ways to incorporate lessons learned into future outings.
  • Contact us (boysprogram@wildwhatcom.org) with any other questions, concerns, ideas, etc.
Thank you for your continued commitment to the younger Explorers. It's great having you out in the field with us!